Co-Madre™: A Model for Dealing With Life's Crises
John Donne's often quoted line, "No man is an Island"1, speaks volumes and captures something that is very true of the human condition, especially when we face one of Life's Crises - our very survival depends on our ability to reach out and receive the support of a circle of family, friends and community. This is perhaps most true when facing the trauma of life threatening and/or chronic diseases. Our ability to cope, to deal with the trauma of diagnosis, to comply with often difficult and sometimes painful treatments and to accept with equanimity and dignity prognoses and outcomes depends on the support of our family, friends and community, our "Co-Madre"™. This is especially true for those of us who come from and have grown up in communal-centric cultures, those that place emphasis on the family and community above individual self interest.

Dr. Marlena Vega, having had to cope with the ravages of Breast Cancer first as teenager witnessing her mother and grandmother succumb to this disease and then having experienced its ravages herself formulated and teaches the "Co-Madre Model"™ through her lectures, writing and public speaking. Her outreach program has established Co-Madre Chapters™ across the country and amongst people around the world.

What is a Co-Madre Chapter™? It is a group of people, family, friends and community members who have experienced or are experiencing the trauma of a life crisis. Dr. Marlena teaches, by her example, that no man or woman is an island. Reach out and join together with your loved ones and your community. Seek their support and approval for what you have to do. Join together and support your loved ones, friends or neighbors who are in crisis. Help them meet the challenge. Find the time and the love - that's what it takes, time and love - to see that they get the treatment they need and have the courage see it through. Advocate for yourself and your Co-Madre™; by joining together the seemingly impossible becomes only unlikely, and the unlikely becomes tomorrow's reality.

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1 John Donne (1572-1631), from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII.

"Seldom have I met an individual whose dedication has actually saved lives and kept families together that might have been otherwise fallen by the wayside..."

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