The Meaning Behind the Magic
Dr. Marlena delivers a message of "survivorship through self empowerment" to her audience. She teaches people how to reach the goals that they set and how to find the ability to overcome the challenges and obstacles that they face in their lives. Those goals may involve overcoming an illness, breaking an addiction, or achieving success in one's profession. Dr. Marlena can instill the idea of success and survival to any audience.

The magic lies in the fact that Dr. Marlena has the uncanny ability to connect with people through her personal experiences. She can reach large and diverse audiences regardless of ethnic, social, or language barriers. Dr. Marlena's lessons of survivorship have been translated into various topics and have helped countless individuals throughout the years. She has had success in delivering inspirational speeches to diverse groups of people, in both English and Spanish, around the world.
About Dr. Marlena
Dr. Marlena Vega, a pioneering psycho-oncologist, is a third generation breast and skin cancer survivor. She uses her own stories of success and survival to teach others about how they can reach their goals as well. In addition to cancer, she has spoken about other topics such as Diabetes in the Latino community--a multi generational familial approach to the disease and its onset with suggestions on how to keep compliant.

Dr. Vega was educated at Hunter College, Smith College School for Social Work, Pacific Western University Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, The Center for the Advancement of Group Studies, and the Post-Graduate Center for Mental Health.

"...Dr. Vega clearly has helped to improve the quality of life for many."

Libby Pataki
First Lady,
State of New York